Burned In Heaven, Only For You, Like Christ, Angelic, Jump And Fall, Ice, The Afterworld

Burned In Heaven

Dream away near the fire
Near the fire in our eyes
Save your soul from the fire
Or you'll burn
Drown away in the fire
Like ice
Move away from the fire
Or you'll burn

Into the heat we shout like hell
All the angels follow
Wasted time we fall apart

Safe again and the ice melts
In our hands
You move again like the fastest
Slowest words
Like heaven's gone and I'm waiting for the light
As we walk into the fire
It just shines

Into the dream we shout at you
All the angels follow
Dream away just through the night

Everybody just felt cold
Just dream away all through the night
We move through the woods
Hear a scream oh it's ice cold
It seemed so low we wasted all those times

Into a dream we shallow
And all the angels follow
Into the night I die so cold

Only For You

This morning when I woke up
Outside the rain was falling
My head was spinning for you
Only for you
I stood up with my eyes closed I thought I was dreaming
I never felt as good as I'm tonight

I never felt this way for anyone
I've never felt so good today

This morning when I woke up
Outside the rain was falling
I thought that you were as perfect
As my dream
My head was spinning for you
Only for you
This dream was never real
You're so untrue

I never thought that you could promise me to stay
I never thought you'd stay at all, again with me tonight

Tonight with me

Like Christ

I walk into an open field
My eyes run-down and my feet just torture
Me somehow, me somehow
You hold my hand and I touch your face
I've never tasted your lips like this always
Down upon me, down upon me
You hold me up like christ you say
And every word you say I simply
Adore your eyes, adorable eyes
And every word you scream is true
My mouth just never touches your
Adorable eyes, adorable eyes

All the vows that you made you stay for
Always and always
No one ever tried to doubt your
Own words, own words

I walk into an open field
You've never stroked your hair as you are
Stroking it now, stroking it now
I've never seen this hair before
My eyes just shattered the sun strikes down upon
Your blue eyes
Your true eyes
I've never touched your face once more
I've never even drawn your pure and childlike youth
I doubt if you have seen me kneeling down
I crawl at your feet I have no doubt at
All no more, all no more
I move into another world for
Always and always
I've never run so fast again
I stare upon, stare upon those eyes
A thousand eyes
I stare at your eyes somehow
Ice somehow

You fall into my arms again
I'm begging you to stay I touch your
Hand and I cry, I cry
You hold me up like christ you say
You never leave me again and you will
Promise to stay, you'll promise to stay


It always seems the right time when you reach for me
I'm far away from you
And at the time I seemed so careless
Seemed so unaware of you
And in the night I hear your heart pounding
You push my arms away
And in the day I feel the fire
Inside of me

I know the time will soon come
At that day you'll drift away
And at that time you seem so wise
So true again

I spoke those endless words
I try to fight with you
Push you away from me
And every scream I made
Was nothing else
But empty sounds again
And in the morning as I fall into your arms
For once I'd see
That all the time
I grow older day by day

And every time I seem so
Unaware of you though
And every word it seems so wise what you say
I couldn't
I know these words sound hollow
Like angels choir above
But now this time
I stay for always and forever


Jump And Fall

Tonight will be true
And I say I love you
And my eyes felt sore
As your body grows some more
And I say my life thrown away
The wounds they just stay
And my mind painted black
And the dreams fade in blue
My eyes you are true
Today push me through
A my eyes catch your sight
I just jump, and jump again, fall

Tonight I'll be yours
And the dreams fade in grey
As my eyes turn pale
And your mouth is so colourful
Our kiss is true
And my lips burn through yours
As my heart stops with the pounding
I'll never say those words again
And these words seem so true
And the girl sings these words again for hours


Wasted time the shapes will yearn for me
I watched it all again I will die
Shapes as tall as christ watch me too
And everyone just say I will die

And every time you pray
And every word you say

Everyone just seems to melt like ice
Wasted all those words so far
A worthless scream before I could talk
I've wasted all those times dreaming of you

And every morning we hushed
And everytime we trust
And every morning we just pray
For always

The Afterworld

Come on outside
There's a whole new world
And the stars are shining
They fall again
And everybody thinks
That I am miles away
That my mind is lost
My mouth starts to speak
It's those forever words
As my mouth starts to speak again
The world just turns away tonight
In my dreams

Tonight we'll change you said
Tonight we'll pray for another world
Tonight we'll break the rules
Tonight has already gone away

Come on outside
There's a whole new world
And my mouth is smiling
It falls wide open
Everybody thinks
That I'm round the twist
That my mind is lost
Oh my heart is pounding
And I'm nailed to the floor
And my tears are pouring
Like they've never before
And my dreams are shattered
Like a rainy day
As I open my eyes
They're gone away

Tonight we'll change the world
Tonight we'll pray for another world
Tonight we'll break the rules
Tonight has already gone away



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